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Deanna McCall is an able storyteller in verse.  Her presentation is straightforward and non-acted.  She states the title and does the piece.  And she is among the Cowboy Poets who provide a positive example of the old adage “less is more.”

Within the commonplace subjects on McCall’s CD entitled “Riding” you still get uncommon takes and perspectives.  You get the feeling you are on solid cowboy turf.  Particularly memorable and haunting for me is a poem called “Death At Cornudas.”   Another of my favorites, because of its nice O Henry turnabout conclusion, is “The Hired Hand,” but each of the pieces has its place and point.  These are short works making for a relatively brief visit with their creator, but I am prone to say of such albums they get in, they get done and they get goin.’

Deanna McCall would be one of the poets I could recommend to neophytes curious about the genre.  But I’ll recommend her to you too!! 


~~Rick Huff's "Best of the West Reviews"

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