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Deanna Dickinson McCall currently ranches in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband, Dave.  She is from a long line of ranchers, people who revere the land and livestock, and love their livelihood.  Deanna and her husband spent 22 years raising their 3 children on a remote Nevada ranch without electricity or phones. Besides ranching in several states, she’s ridden for paychecks, sold feed and received cattle at sales yards to make ends meet when necessary. 


The stories she writes are generous slices of this life. They are tales of gritty existence, simple honest love, a code of honor still upheld, and beating overwhelming odds. They are about the people and land of today’s West. Her voice of experience cannot be mistaken as you read and are drawn into her writing.


Her poetry opens a door allowing you deep into her world, often touching a heart string as she writes of the ranch life and people she loves, or sends her reader into laughter as her wry humor rings true.

Deanna has won various awards for her writing, including Academy Of Western Artists, Western Music Association, Women Writing The West, Will Rogers Medallion Award, NM/AZ Book Awards.

Deanna is the author of 4 books : Mustang Spring,  Rough Patches, Rough Patches II, & Split Reins. You can hear her poetry in her own voice on her award winning CD Riding and her newest release and winner of the prestigious Wrangler award 

I'll Ride Thru It. 

Deanna and coauthor Gay Gardella now have their cook book, Cowboy Cuisine: Beyond Biscuits and Beans available on Amazon.

Deanna's newest work, The Okies' Daughters will be available here, on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles July1, 2021. It is the continuing saga of the Okies and the women who came from these people.

Deanna has joined in with various artists cowriting songs. The collaboration of Old Men and Old Horses with Jim Jones won the Wrangler Award for 2022. 


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